Hello, I am a data scientist at the World Health Organization who helps conceive, set up and run honest data-science projects. This includes: domain research; mathematics, statistics and machine learning; data processing, exploration and visualization. I facilitate and deliver reports and concept notes, code notebooks and packages, interactive graphics.

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Honesty is seeing that data-science projects are embedded in human systems. It is providing best scientific and programming practices; offering clear presentation and interpretation of approach and results; highlighting potential, uncertainties, limitation, risks of data and analyses; producing understandable and appealing graphics and illustrations.


Selected open-source data-science projects are listed here. Partners include the World Health Organization and the Robert Koch Institute. More can be found on GitLab and GitHub.

A list of scientific publications can be found on Orcid or Google Scholar.

See also the projects of the WHO Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence, in particular EIOS.

outbreak detection evaluation

a new general approach to evaluating outbreak-detection algorithms implemented in the Python package epi-quark (main developer Auss Abbood)

eios anomaly

Python notebooks for natural language processing and machine learning to identify epidemiologically relevant texts and support epidemic intelligence


an R package for generating synthetic data for the outbreak-management software SORMAS

world health organization outbreak toolkit virtual assistant

a prototypical interactive R Shiny web application with analyses and visualizations for the investigation of outbreaks of unknown origins

asmodee trendbreaker evaluation

an R script for evaluating a new outbreak-detection algorithm on simulated and observed Covid-19 time series

signale logo

Processing scripts to generate patterns used for the graphic identity of a data-science team


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I am a data scientist at the World Health Organization Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence in Berlin, Germany. A physics graduate, with PhD, of the École normale supérieure, I have worked as a mathematical modeller, coder and developer in fundamental and applied research. My main domains of expertise are physics, infectious-disease surveillance and epidemiology. Experimental biology and visual arts have also been part of my professional life.

This lead me to live and work in five cities in four countries, and speak three languages fluently. I use the pronouns he/him.

I love that data science is a transversal discipline, that allows one to work on diverse topics and collaborate with people from all walks of life.

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